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>>> Other than that I wonder if we should maybe simply use string values to
>>> make it easier to extend this if we ever need to.
>> The thing I don't like about that is the error condition of what happens
>> when someone sets it to "HIHG"  (misspelled).
> I didn't actually propose an error condition and I'll note that your
> setPriority() proposal didn't handle errors either. E.g. what happens when I
> pass 20 as argument?

Fair enough. :-)

What I wanted was an enum, but I don't believe there is a way to do enums,

> I think easiest would be to just ignore the setting as e.g. lineCap and
> lineJoin on the canvas 2D API do. Then errors are gracefully handled and by
> checking what priority is after setting you can see whether the
> implementation supports the feature.

I'd take whatever people like most.  Personally, I don't like using strings
for enums, but I can live with it.

So you're proposing something like:

   var my_priority = "HGIH";
   xhr.priority = my_priority;
   if (xhr.priority != my_priority)  {
     // we detected an error


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