Lachlan Hunt <> wrote:

> I believe the test suite is nearly ready [1].
> As I mentioned last year, Minefield currently passes 100% of the test
> suite.  However, this has not yet shipped in a release build.  I assume it
> will make it into the next major release after the current 3.6.x branch.
> The browser used in the BlackBerry 9700 also reportedly passes 100% of the
> test suite.
> Opera passes 100% of the baseline test suite.  We have failures in the
> additional tests, which are related to bugs in our Selector
> implementation.  This level of support has shipped in the recent 10.5x
> builds.
> WebKit (Safari and Chrome) is still failing 16 of the baseline tests.

> [1]

The test suite contains a test that asserts that an exception should be
thrown when no arguments are passed to querySelector or querySelectorAll.
Why is passing no parameter to querySelector/querySelectorAll expected to
throw an exception, whereas passing an undefined value does not?

The Selectors API specification mentions explicit undefineds being passed
(and says, via Web IDL, that they stringify to "undefined") - that's fine,
but I cannot find the rules that govern omitted attributes.  Presumably Web
IDL must say something somewhere that's overridding the default ECMAScript
rules on this sort of thing - but where precisely?

Taking the null, explicit undefined and implicit undefined test cases
together, I don't think I've got any two browsers here that behave the same
way. :-/

Stewart Brodie
Team Leader - ANT Galio Browser
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