On 7/6/11 1:55 PM, ext Ian Hickson wrote:
On Tue, 5 Jul 2011, Arthur Barstow wrote:
Any comments re the priority of this bug, in particular if it must be
addressed before publishing a new LCWD?
Can we please stop letting the LCWD/CR/PR process nonsense drive the
prioritisation of the bug fixing process? This is getting ridiculous.

(I will respond to the TR publication process issue separately with a different Subject:)

Regarding the SSE spec, at least one WG member said moving the SSE spec to LC is important. As such, it seems appropriate (and not "nonsense" nor "ridiculous") to then effectively ask the group (the To: on my e-mail included public-webapps too) "is moving this spec to LC important enough for you to submit fixes for the open bugs?".

I think we have other capable people in WebApps that can fix bugs and thus lighten your load.

Do you oppose others submitting fixes to your spec bugs?


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