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      Ojan points out

        that simply using end-of-task could expose low-level implementation 
detail of the parser to script (such as how much parsing is done in a
        single task
        before the parser yields).

        Does Firefox do anything special here? Or does it simply use the same 
end-of-task delivery as everywhere else?

    end-of-microtask or end-of-task everywhere. And yes, some parsing / 
networking details may unfortunately be exposed, but in a way which should be
    quite random. Web devs just can't really rely on network packages to be 
delivered to parser in some exact way.

That randomness seems undesirable. Can we delay the delivery until 
DOMContentLoaded is fired so that we can have more consisnte behavior here?

That prevents using MutationObserver for certain cases. Like when you "stream" 
data using an iframe.

Also, there are already many cases when networking/parsing handling is exposed 
to the web pages.
Just put any <img onload=".." onerror="...">. When the handlers run, the stuff after 
the <img> may or may not be in the document.

- Ryosuke

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