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Hi Janina, All,

I added a 30 minute slot on Monday November 11 from 13:30-14:00 (Shenzhen time). Unless I hear otherwise from you, I will assume this slot is OK and that we will meet in WebApps' meeting room.

To help WebApps prepare for the discussion, I think it would be helpful if you would please provide some background information. For example, the URL of the "IndieUI User Context specification", the "proposal for a new way for user agents to restrict access to certain groups of media resources".

-Thanks, Art

On 10/31/13 3:39 PM, ext Janina Sajka wrote:
Dear Colleagues:

The Independent User Interface Working Group (IndieUI) requests approximately 30 minutes of time to meet with CSS and Web Apps (jointly or separately) at TPAC to acquaint your working groups with a new technical approach in IndieUI

The IndieUI User Context specification is moving away from a reliance on a new accessor method for key/value pairs, and toward an extensive reliance on Media Queries (new media features, and matchMedia) as the more appropriate approach for specifying the features we need. To address privacy and fingerprinting concerns, we will also be proposing a new way for user agents to restrict
access to certain groups of media features based on user preference. For
example, if a site referenced a media feature related to video captions (via matchMedia or @media), the user agent may prompt the user to allow access for the domain. We expect that significant portions of our emerging User Context specification will overlap with work coordinated by the CSS or Web Apps Working

Therefore, we are requesting time with your group at TPAC to acquaint you with our approach and to develop an understanding of how best we can move forward.
If possible, we would prefer a morning meeting time in order to more
conveniently teleconference our specification editor from North America.

Thank you for your consideration.

Janina Sajka, IndieUI Chair

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