Yes, with good results, groups are throwing the ball to others... I don't know right now all the groups that might need to be involved, that's the reason of my question.

4 days out without internet connection, usually one email every two weeks on the subject and suddendly tons of emails, looks like a conspiracy...

I will reread the threads (still perplex about some issues, a txt stream is a binary stream that should be piped to textEncoder/Decoder from my standpoint, making it a special case just complicates everything, maybe it's too late to revert this) but it looks like the consensus is to wait for Domenic's proposal, OK but as I mentioned he missed some points in the current proposal and it's interesting to read carefully the Overlap thread, and I find it important to have a simple way to handle ArrayBuffer, View, Blob without converting all the time.

Streams instantiations somewhere make me think to the structured clone algorithm, as I proposed before there should be a method like a createStream so you just need to say for a given API that it supports this method and you don't have to modify the API except for specific cases (xhr,ws,etc), like for the structured clone algo, and this is missing.



Le 03/11/2013 19:02, Arthur Barstow a écrit :
Hi Aymeric,

On 10/29/13 7:22 AM, ext Aymeric Vitte wrote:
Who is coordinating each group that should get involved?

I thought you agreed to do that ;).

MediaStream for example should be based on the Stream interface and all related streams proposals.

More seriously though, this is good to know, and if there is additional coordination that needs to be done, please let us know.

-Thanks, ArtB

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