Hi. Art.

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> Subject: Re: [coord] Is there still a need for WebApps + SysApps meeting
> at TPAC?
> On 10/31/13 8:51 AM, ext Arthur Barstow wrote:
> > (I'm trying to get a sense if this meeting should be canceled or
> > perhaps reduced to 30 mins.)
> Thanks for the feedback All.
> At the moment, it appears Manifest is the only topic of mutual interest
> and that further discussion within SysApps (e.g. UCs), investigation by
> Macros, discussion on the mail list, etc. is needed before it would be
> useful to have a joint meeting. As such, I am inclined to cancel the joint
> meeting.

I agreed.
> Wonsuk, Mounir - unless I hear otherwise from you, I will cancel the joint
> meeting (I already reduced the time slot for this topic to 16:00-16:30).


Thanks a lot for coordination!

Kr, Wonsuk.

> -Thanks, ArtB

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