Thanks Art.

We've also had Rob (cc'd) interested from the FOMS (Open Media Standards) 
group. I'll follow up with Rob for further feedback from that group.

In the spec, we tried to capture all the various areas we think this spec can 
affect - this is the stream consumers/producers section 

In addition to the ones you've outlined,the one that comes to mind from the 
list in the spec would be the web-crypto group.


> Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2013 12:57:50 -0500
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> Subject: Re: Request for feedback: Streams API
> Thanks for the update Feras.
> Re getting `wide review` of the latest [ED], which groups, lists and
> individuals should be asked to review the spec?
> In IRC just now, jgraham mentioned TC39, WHATWG and Domenic. Would
> someone please ask these two groups to review the latest ED?
> Aymeric - would you please ask the WebRTC list(s) to review the latest
> ED or provide the list name(s) and I'll ask them.
> -Thanks, ArtB
> [ED] <>
> On 12/4/13 11:27 AM, ext Feras Moussa wrote:
>> The editors of the Streams API have reached a milestone where we feel
>> many of the major issues that have been identified thus far are now
>> resolved and incorporated in the editors draft.
>> The editors draft [1] has been heavily updated and reviewed the past
>> few weeks to address all concerns raised, including:
>> 1. Separation into two distinct types -ReadableByteStream and
>> WritableByteStream
>> 2. Explicit support for back pressure management
>> 3. Improvements to help with pipe( ) and flow-control management
>> 4. Updated spec text and diagrams for further clarifications
>> There are still a set of bugs being tracked in bugzilla. We would like
>> others to please review the updated proposal, and provide any feedback
>> they may have (or file bugs).
>> Thanks.
>> -Feras
>> [1]

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