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and following changes.
I should've done this in branch to make the diff easy to read :-(

This is an attempt to reduce blocking.

The main changes are:

- Now the import dependencies are explained as a DAG.
  The dependency for each import is explicitly spec-ed as "import dependent" 
  using the DAG topology.

- The "import fetching" algorithm no longer spins until unblock.
  Only place to spin is before <script>, as it is originally intended.
  The notion of "fetch readiness" is gone.

Some superficial changes:

- "import parent" is renamed to "import owner". 
  Now the parent-child relationship over DOM is called "import owner" and
  one over the DAT is called "import parent".

- Many existing paragraphs are rephrased based on these new concepts.

I hope new revision make the whole concept clearer. 
As usual, feel free to reopen/file new bugs.
Any feedback will be appreciated!

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