I've heard complains about the readability of the current import draft, and I 
think the best way to improve it, if we all take some time and point out the 
parts that could benefit from some polishing. Instead of filing a dozen of tiny 
bugs, I just went through the spec. again and took some notes. Some of these 
nits are just personal opinion, so I don't expect all of them to be addressed 
but I guess it helps if I mention them. I'm not a native English speaker so I 
have not tried fixing grammar mistakes.

- import referrer section does not reflect the fact that there can be more 
referrer for an import (the referrer -> one of the referrers)
- for master document might be easier defined as the one and only root node of 
the import graph
- what's up with the defaultView these days? is it shared? is it null? is it 
- "imported documents don't have a browsing context" - isn't it more precise 
that it's using the master documents browsing context?
- "import dependent" is used before defined
- import parent/ancestor : I would define parent first and then extend it to 
ancestor. also worth mentioning that the import link list are the sub imports 
list for clarification
- it's extremly hard to see that script execution order is really defined, even 
when I know how it is defined... figuring it out from the current spec without 
any prior knowledge is... challanging to say the least. I think a detailed walk 
through on the graph would be a HUGE help. By that I mean explicitly defining 
the execution order for the example, and also maybe illustrating at some 
stages, what is blocking what.
- missing link to 'simple event'


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