Hey guys,

I am implementing CSP for Workers in Firefox, but like to get a
clarification on workers and the sandbox flag. Currently, a Worker can
inherit or be accompanied by a CSP header. As written, the implications
of the sandbox directive on the Worker context is not clear.

[Following up on https://github.com/w3c/webappsec/issues/69]

Arguably most of the sandbox flags don't make sense for Workers, but the
empty directive (i.e., just sandbox) and sandbox allow-same-origin can
have reasonable semantics.  So, if a Worker inherits the CSP from the
owner document (or parent worker in later specs) or is accompanied by a
CSP header which has the 'sandbox' directive, should the worker script's
origin be set to a unique origin?  Or should we just ignore (and
appropriately warn about) the sandbox flag for Workers and address the
need for sandboxed Workers separately?


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