On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 12:35 AM, Michaela Merz
<michaela.m...@hermetos.com> wrote:
> Well .. it would be a "all scripts signed" or "no script signed" kind of a
> deal. You can download malicious code everywhere - not only as scripts.
> Signed code doesn't protect against malicious or bad code. It only
> guarantees that the code is actually from the the certificate owner .. and
> has not been altered without the signers consent.

Seems relevant: "Java’s Losing Security Legacy",
http://threatpost.com/javas-losing-security-legacy and "Don't Sign
that Applet!", https://www.cert.org/blogs/certcc/post.cfm?EntryID=158.

Dormann advises "don't sign" so that the code can't escape its sandbox
and it stays restricted (malware regularly signs to do so).

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