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> wrote:
> > That section needs to be updated, because the ES6 spec had shifted a
> little
> > bit with regard to @@create. Filed
> > https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=27769.
> Yeah, there's issues in general there, such as ES6 giving up on
> explaining all of DOM :-(
> > Conceptually, when I wrote it I'd imagined that the constructor will be
> > called only when you explicitly invoke it (new FooElement...). When
> parsing
> > or upgrading, the constructor would not be called. The createdCallback
> will
> > be invoked in either case.
> Would you do the prototype munging that is specified in
> "createdCallback" today? (I think it would be more clear if we made
> that prototype munging part of the upgrade algorithm by the way.) How
> else would that work? Pass a reference to the old element and let the
> developer handle it?

Yes to the first question. I wasn't planning on doing anything different
there. And yes, I would like to fix the munging clarity as part of


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