I'm wondering if it's feasible to provide developers with the
primitive that the combination of Shadow DOM and CSS Scoping provides.
Namely a way to isolate a subtree from selector matching (of document
stylesheets, not necessarily user and user agent stylesheets) and
requiring a special selector, such as >>>, to pierce through the

This is a bit different from the `all` property as that just changes
the values of all properties, it does not make a selector such as
"div" no longer match.

So to be clear, the idea is that if you have a tree such as

  <section class=example>
    <div> ... </div>

Then a simple div selector would not match the innermost div if we
isolated the section. Instead you would have to use section >>> div or
some such. Or perhaps associate a set of selectors and style
declarations with that subtree in some manner.


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