Can you file a spec bug?


On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 5:18 AM, Ashley Gullen <> wrote:

> I filed for Chrome recently since showing a <dialog>
> defined in a HTML import did not work as I thought it should. I can't
> compare to any other browsers since right now AFAIK Chrome is the only
> browser shipping both HTML imports and <dialog>. There seemed to be some
> confusion from the browser developers over what the spec says ought to
> happen.
> It sounds like the current spec says that showing a dialog marks the "node
> document" of the dialog as being blocked. I would imagine a <dialog> in a
> HTML import has the invisible HTML import document as the node document of
> the <dialog>. Therefore it never appears on-screen (in the main document)
> when you call showModal(), but still throws if you try to open it twice.
> It can be worked around with JS: the dialog element can be detached from
> its current document and appended to the main document, and then
> showModal() works as expected.
> I think the spec may need to be altered. I think it's an obvious use case
> that a web component may want to show a dialog, and naturally that dialog
> will be defined in one of the web component's HTML imports. As it stands
> though the dialog will never appear unless the JS hack is used. I can also
> foresee that a large codebase making use of lots of dialogs ends up with
> loads of dialogs appended to the main document, instead of leaving them in
> the components where they came from.
> Not sure how this would be specified though - perhaps the dialog should be
> attached to the main document in showModal(), then re-inserted where it
> came from in close()? Sounds like a bit of a hack in itself...
> Ashley

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