Hello WebApps Group,

For the past few years sites have been enabling directory uploads by using the 
old FileSystem API [1] in Chrome and Opera. In the April 2014 face to face 
WebApps group meeting [2], there was a CfC to move the old specs into a WG Note 
and to continue working on the new FileSystem API [3] instead, effectively 
discontinuing work on the old FileSystem API.

The new FileSystem API tries to satisfy a large number of use cases with an 
approach that is better than the old API. However, its broad scope and its 
dependencies on future capabilities (e.g. Observables) has slowed down the pace 
at which it is moving forward. Due to this, there is currently no interoperable 
way to enable directory uploads on the web. We have received lots of feedback 
from developers - including some working on Microsoft services such as OneDrive 
- that supporting directory upload is a high priority for them. 

To enable developers to build future interoperable solutions, we've drafted a 
proposal [4], with the helpful feedback of Mozilla and Google, that focuses 
strictly on providing the mechanisms necessary to enable directory uploads. The 
proposal uses a subset of the new FileSystem API so that it can be expanded in 
the future to enable more scenarios when the new FileSystem API is further 
along. To help understand the proposal (especially the APIs involved) I have 
written a polyfill [5] and demo page [6] that is built on top of Chrome's old 
FileSystem API.

If there is sufficient interest, I would like to work on this within the scope 
of the WebApps working group.

Thank you,

[1] Old FileSystem API: http://www.w3.org/TR/file-system-api/
[2] WebApps April '14 Meeting: 
[3] New FileSystem API: http://w3c.github.io/filesystem-api/
[4] Proposal: http://internetexplorer.github.io/directory-upload/proposal.html
[5] Polyfill: 
[6] Demo: http://internetexplorer.github.io/directory-upload/index.html

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