Thanks to Xiaoqian, the UI Events and the two D3E Keyboard Events code/key Values specs have been moved to Github and we plan to publish them next week using the following Draft WDs as the basis:

If anyone has any major concerns about this, please reply right away. uievents is expected to be published on April 28 and the other two on or around April 30.

PRs are welcome and encouraged (the HTML validator reports a lot of errors for all of the "ReSpec resolved" versions of the specs)!

A few notes about these specs:

* The permissions of the specs' now obsolete Github repository will be set to read-only.

* After the open Bugzilla bugs are copied to Github Issues (or the last open Bugzilla bug is closed), the specs' Bugzilla component will be marked `Historical` and set to read-only.

Lastly, since this will be the second WD of UI Events since it was renamed, perhaps the "(formerly DOM Level 3 Events)" part of the title should now be removed <>. Any objections to that?

-Thanks, AB

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