I haven't tested this out to see if it dispatches all the correct events in
order to be spec-compliant but Chromium just landed programmatic
copy-and-cut [with restrictions that require that there is an active,
expanded Selection/Range in the Document]:


They used `Document#queryCommandSupported` and
`Document#queryCommandEnabled` for feature detection -- the latter
requiring that there is an active, expanded Selection/Range in the Document
in order to get a positive (`true`) indicator].

For better or worse, the time for spec changes may be fleeting....

   James M. Greene
On Apr 21, 2015 7:53 PM, "Ryan Seddon" <seddon.r...@gmail.com> wrote:

> If we did that, authors could not use synthetic clipboard events for
>> anything - right? I'm assuming that authors are going to find use cases for
>> it - for example a "cloud clipboard" implementation may want to fire actual
>> paste events so that data from the "cloud" is processed like data from the
>> local clipboard.
>>  -Hallvord
> Yep thats a very valid point I wouldn't want to stop people being able to
> trigger synthetic events, not sure of an alternative.

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