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> > How are you supposed to tell if one of your ancestors was removed?
> Is that a hook builtin elements have today?

Blink's built-in elements' hook is "inserted into"/"removed from document",
including via an ancestor being manipulated as you can see here
(this--Node::removedFrom--is the "removed" case):


This is overridden 68 times by various kinds of nodes including many
elements. What it's used for varies; one example is the HTMLMarqueeElement
that stops a callback that's driving its animation. If you were trying to
implement MARQUEE as a Custom Element, you'd want this callback to call
clearTimeout, cancelAnimationFrame, or whatever.

There are similar hooks and uses for insertion.

The HTML spec itself points to a lot of uses for this; when it switches on
things being "in a document" <https://html.spec.whatwg.org/#in-a-document> and
something needs to be done/updated/etc. to implement that effect.

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