From: Travis Leithead [] 

> It always seemed weird to me that 'prototype' of ElementRegistrationOptions 
> can inherit from anything (including null), and be completely disassociated 
> from the localName provided in 'extends'.

Yes, the current spec is completely borked when it comes to classes and how it 
just treats { prototype } as an options object. I think there is wide agreement 
to fix that.

The solution that maintains the least delta from the current spec is outlined 
coupled with the work at (see 
especially the registry). You could imagine other solutions that allow 
author-supplied constructors (instead of just inheriting the default behavior 
from HTMLElement and delegating to this.createdCallback() or 
this[Element.create]()) but those require running such author-supplied 
constructors during parsing and during cloning, which has its own issues.

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