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> (Replying to slightly old thread.)
> >
> > Another thing that might be nice is that if these elements are that
> > much isolated, perhaps we can consider allowing them to be renamed
> > them as well, similar to what module systems allow you to do.
> An earlier version of my proposal had support for arbitrary renaming at
> import time. However, Ryosuke convinced me that the syntax was confusing,
> and that importing with a different prefix would always be sufficient to
> resolve namespace collisions. That’s what the proposed prefix attribute is
> for. Thus, you can import "abc-button" as "xyz-button" but arbitrary other
> renames are not supported. This relies on the requirement that custom
> element names must contain a hyphen, and the convention that the bit before
> the hyphen is often treated as a namespace prefix. If there are good use
> cases for arbitrary renames, it’s probably not too hard to support them.

(replying to a now even more older thread)

FWIW, I like both of the approaches and would like to figure out a way to
move forward with these. I personally slightly prefer the isolated imports
approach a bit better, because some of the sugar in it (like
prefix-renaming) is actually something the non-isolated imports might use
as well.


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