there's an interesting proposal here
for solving our "what about clipboard data from various native
applications?" conundrum. The proposal is to let a page indicate what
native clipboard identifiers it is interested in handling:

        "XMCD Format", //Windows handle
        "MCD Format", //old Windows handle with the same format
        "XMCD_FORMAT", //Linux handle
        "com.mathsoft.xml"], // OSX handle
        "Provenance Data", //windows handle
        "PROVENANCE_DATA", //Linux handle
        "com.mathsoft.pd"] // OSX handle
//   "application/vnd.mathsoft.equation+xml":true,
//   "application/vnd.mathsoft.equation.meta+xml":true

And my current understanding of how this work work is
https://github.com/w3c/clipboard-apis/issues/9#issuecomment-123829662 :

What happens "under the hood" here is basically:

The UA has a registry mapping the supported native clipboard types to the
MIME types used for the clipboard API. For example, on Windows one of the
entries is probably 'text/html' -> 'CF_HTML'
When registerClipboardFormat() is called, for each MIME type (key) in the
dictionary, it will check with the OS if the native clipboard knows about
each format description on the list.
The first matching format description the OS has registered (if any) will
be added to the mapping table

On reading from the clipboard, all data with the descriptions given in our
mapping table will be exposed to JS with the corresponding MIME type.

On writing to the clipboard, all data with a MIME type listed in the
mapping table will be placed on the clipboard with the corresponding native


I'm not sure if implementors are happy about this. There's some pushback
against allowing web contents to write binary data to the clipboard for
security reasons - if you have vulnerabilities in local software (which is
of course a when, not an if) an attacker can trick you into pasting some
exploit payload into the vulnerable software.

Also, I know that on Windows applications "register" their clipboard
formats - how does this work on other platforms? Will the OSX clipboard be
able to confirm that "com.mathsoft.xml" is a "known" type when the relevant
software is installed?

Comments welcome here or in the Github issue.
-Hallvord R.
editor of https://w3c.github.io/clipboard-apis/

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