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Thanks to PLH (Who was a bit quicker than me to publish the work) there are combined minutes of nearly everything from the webapps face to face meeting at http://www.w3.org/2015/07/21-webapps-minutes.html

Unfortunately, about the only things that got missed were the action items and points of agreement which we got to at the end of the meeting :( On the other hand, I think a lot of the sense is clear from reading the text of the minutes. The general sense is that we don't have an answer to the outstanding big problems, but at least we understand the problems and a number of possible answers far better.

There were a few people (at least DomenicD, Maciej, Me, Travis) who agreed to go away and write up better explanations of certain proposals.

We (happy few - those in the room) also agreed that there seem not to be outstanding points of contention for Shadow DOM, and with a bit of work we can get it ready to ship (famous "last" words - famous for being repeated later) and work on the next version of it. In particular, the current slots proposal seems to have won favour, and an imperative API has been postponed.

I owe a big apology to several people who tried to dial into the meeting - we almost completely failed to cater for remote participation. That has been noted as something we have to get right, and I expect we will not fail in the future.

Thanks to all who participated, to Dmitry and Google for logistics, and again, my humblest apologies to those who tried but could not participate remotely through no fault of theirs.



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