Hi, Raphaël–

Yes, this is one narrowly-scoped piece of generalized functionality that we hope can get broad agreement and implementation.

It's just one of the building blocks of a full set of robust anchoring features, some of which might be standardized, but which may actually be done in script. We'll most likely gather together those pieces in the sort of umbrella document you suggest… maybe something like "Mapping Web Annotation Data Model Selectors to Client-side APIs" (or something more pithy.


On 10/7/15 11:56 AM, Raphaël Troncy wrote:
This is a call for consensus (CfC) to publish a First Public Working
Draft (FPWD) of FindText API; deadline 14 October (1 week)
This FindText API is joint deliverable of the WebApps WG and Web
Annotation WG (listed as "Robust Anchoring" in the charters [1], [2]).

+1 for publishing this document as FPWD but one clarification request:
the original "Robust Anchoring" had a wide scope covering various types
of documents while the FindText API document focuses on textual
documents. Would there be another "umbrella document" produced by the
Working Group that would refer to various specifications to perform
robust anchoring on various type of documents, such as listing the
FindText API, the CSV fragment RFC 7111, the Media Fragments API, etc. ?
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