Hi All,

The Web Platform WG intents to update the Latest Editor's Drafts of a set of 
HTML5 API specs, including WebStorage, WebWorkers, WebMessaging, Server-Sent 
Events and WebSockets. As no one in WPWG has committed to work on these specs, 
the latest EDs will be the WHATWG version. Please find the list of suggested 
changes below. 

* Web Storage (CR): Editor's Draft will be 
* WebWorkers (WD): Editor's Draft will be 
* WebMessaging (REC): Editor's Draft will be 
* WebSockets (CR): Editor's Draft will be 
* Server-Sent Events (REC): Editor's Draft will be 

The Web Platform WG will continue to maintain a stable version for each of 
these specs (while they are moving along the W3C Recommendation track), and 
deliver an updated version if necessary.

If you have any concerns with this proposal, please let us know by 22 October.



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