hi Art,

On 20/10/2015 11:44, Arthur Barstow wrote:
I presume this document (or a document like this) would be used (useful)
when a spec is getting "wide review" from an internationalization

i'm hoping it will eventually be useful even before then, since people working on a spec can run through the checklist to identify topics that need consideration. One of the aims in creating this was to get some of the knowledge in our i18n WG heads out there so that groups could self-educate.

that said, the do's and don'ts are still at an early stage of development, so there may be a need for discussions between groups before things are settled, and we intend to add more material as we go forward too.

if anyone reading this uses the checklist and related information, we'd be grateful to hear from them where there are issues and how we could improve things.


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