This is a call for comments regarding the next step of Web Workers.

The latest [TEST RESULTS] of Web Workers indicate that Dedicated Workers have 
been widely implemented by the major browser vendors.

[Diff] between the latest W3C WD and the WHATWG living standard suggests 
substantial changes about the WorkerLocation interface, and the test results of 
the [WorkerLocationTestCases] show that these changes have been adapted by more 
than two major browsers.

As for Shared workers, [TEST RESULTS] suggest that this feature is still poorly 
supported. Right now both Apple and Microsoft don’t intend to implement it, 
Chrome supports only a small part of it. There were issues raised about 
[Removing-Sharedworkers] on GitHub, one suggestion was to pull it out into a 
separate working note, whereas others thought it’s too early to do so.

Hence our questions to the group: Is the group still interested in moving 
Workers forward? Is it the right time to publish Workers as a CR? Should 
SharedWorkers be removed from this spec?

Please provide your thoughts on these questions by Dec 14 2015. If there’s no 
interest from the members to continue the work of WebWorkers in W3C, we will 
probably stop publishing new versions of this spec.







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