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Note that it requires liveness. Does that work for a frozen array?

Frozen array instances are frozen and cannot change. However, you can have the property that returns them start returning a new frozen array. The spec needs to track when these new instances are created.

Changing the array object wouldn't be backwards compatible.
(The attribute used to be DOMStringList)

Maybe this particular API should be a method instead that returns a sequence<DOMString>?
Also not backwards compatible.

But I'd assume the first option (changing the array) would be less backwards incompatible, so I'd prefer that one.

OK, but... Document#styleSheetSets is not widely implemented, and appears to not be widely used. On github I see 80 code matches in javascript, where most are just listing stuff, some are browser sniffing, and some might be actual usage (maybe with a fallback for other browsers?). Although it has been implemented in Gecko for a long time, I think it is possible to make incompatible changes (or maybe drop altogether).

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