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Hi Patrick (Congratulations on today) Technical Point follows: -

On a merit-based resource allocation basis, the two most fundamental, essential,
> and absolutely necessary HTML5 Web-App feature enhancements are: -

1) Background GPS device/user tracking support
2) Push API 1:M broadcast capability

These are enabling technologies that will catapult HTML5 Web Apps into the
> Native App heartland and single-handedly alter the development-tool and 
> strategies for Mobile App vendors around the world.

An even more powerful (but also ignored possibility) would be COMBINING the 
of the Web and App worlds instead of fighting religious wars ("the Web is 
where there are no winners, only lost opportunities.

It gets worse...if you are the Web tech leader then you are apparently free 
this "shortcut" (some people would rather characterize this as an intelligent 
of available resources and competences), and get away with it as well:


The reason these features do not appear on the W3C horizon is that they 
show-case online-first and are anathema to the Offline-First Mafia that is 
currently setting the agenda and feathering its own nest.

Technically, I have to admit to having absolutely no idea how a W3C performance 
review would be conducted or how ROI on a given contributor's input could be 
measured. I am a simple man who just needs a couple more tools in the box in 
order to deliver the killer Web Apps my users are begging for.

Where I come from, and certainly from my experience in London finance, it's all 
about getting the job done! You can have two heads and be the most obnoxious 
Maher in the world but you're paid to do a job and get around the Sir Humphrey 
Appleby speed humps on the road the progress in order to do it.

I'm not here to make friends or see how many followers I can get on Twitter, 
and I apologize for being the only one without an original selfie of myself 
looking wistfully off camera, but I'm motivated by results and not married to 
the process.

HTML5 - Web Apps "The journey is *NOT* the destination!

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    On 16/03/2016 04:46, Richard Maher wrote:

        Anyway, if the decorum police will agree to stay their truncheons for a
        moment longer and indulge my use of satire, parody, and metaphor, in
        making an extremely valid technical point,


    Or you could just make your valid technical point, without resorting to 
your sarcastic tone which, frankly, is quite grating and is doing you no favors 
in getting at least some of the readership on this  list to even want to engage 
in your argument.

    Patrick H. Lauke

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