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>   readonly attribute Float32Array? position;

Just as a quick API surface comment, Float32Array? is not a very good way of 
representing a vector (or quaternion). You want either separate x/y/z/w 
properties, or to use a DOMPoint(ReadOnly).

Web VR seems to have changed from DOMPointReadOnly to Float32Array? for some 
reason. Maybe they can explain? It seems like a big downgrade, especially since 
Flaot32Arrays are mutable.

> First, I'm proposing that we add an optional "pose" object to the the Gamepad 
> interface that would expose all the information necessary to track a 
> controller with 3 Degree of Freedom or 6 Degree of Freedom tracking 
> capabilities. The primary motivator for supporting this information is to 
> allow devices like HTC Vive controllers or Oculus Touch to be exposed, but 
> the same structure could also expose motion and orientation data for devices 
> such as Wii, PS3, and PS4 controllers, as well as anything else that had a 
> gyroscope and/or accelerometer.
> ...
> The proposed pose interface largely mirrors the 
> interface from the WebVR 
> spec, but drops the timestamp since that's already provided on the Gamepad 
> interface itself. The VRPose interface could conceivably be used directly, 
> but I'm assuming that we'd rather not have a dependency on a separate 
> work-in-progress spec.

It seems to me like the Web VR spec is very specifically designed to support 
these use cases. Why are you interested in creating a competing extension to 
the Gamepad API, instead of working with the Web VR folks on their interface? 
We certainly shouldn't have both on the platform, so you need to either talk to 
them about moving portions of their spec into the Gamepad API, or go help them 
work on their spec.

In practice the only non-political difference will be whether it's on 
navigator.getGamepads() or navigator.getVRDisplays(). I don't have enough 
game/VR-developer experience to tell which of these would be more intuitive for 

Maybe you are already collaborating, as seen by It's not really clear.

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