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The purpose of the “Level 1” document is to serve as a stable reference for W3C specs that link to WebIDL. It contains a subset of the WebIDL syntax that is considered stable (as verified by interoperable tests). Implementations should not use the Level 1 document as a guide, but instead track changes to the editors draft. We expect to follow-up Level 1 with a Level 2 as additional editor’s draft syntax and behavior stabilizes, are implemented as part of other specs, and shown to be interoperable.

Why is it acceptable for specs to reference a version of Web IDL that nobody should implement?

That's not what Travis describes. To restate his message above, the Level 1 spec is "what people already implement". The Level 2 editor's draft is "what you should look at if you want to make a new implementation with all the new stuff - but be aware that some if it is up for debate and might change".


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