I'm transcribing the ballot language over to the GitHub repository.
Grammar-wise, where the new language amends the "prohibited if" language in
renumbered subsections d., e.,  f., and g. of section, there
appears to be some inconsistency with using the word "and" vs. "or".  For
instance, if I were to reword it, subsection e. might read "Prohibited if
the subject:organizationName field, subject:givenName, and subject:surname
field are all absent."  Can someone take a look at this?




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Voting on Ballot 175, Addition of given name and surname, has now closed.
The results are as follows:


>From the CA's, we received 13 YES votes, 0 NO votes and 1 Abstention


>From the Browsers, we received 2 YES votes, 0 NO votes and 1 Abstention


Therefore the ballot passes.


Full ballot results can be found here:



Dean Coclin

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