Last time this came up, I proposed that instead of overwriting RFC 5280's
meaning of the notBefore date, we should include a issuanceTime field that
indicates the time of certificate issuance.  That way we avoid conflict with
the RFCs and have more flexibility with notBefore to address possible clock
skew issues. I still support an issuanceTime field over creating a
conflicting definition with the RFC.

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I would like to propose a change to cover a current gap in the BRs.  Right
now there is no clear link from content in the certificate to the date of
issuance of the certificate.  I would propose the following change to the
BR.  Note that this intentionally only covers Subscriber (End-entity)
certificates, not CA certificates.

What do others think?

(new) Issuance Date: The latest of the notBefore value of a certificate and
the time value of any cryptographically signed timestamps included in a

(modified) Validity Period: The period of time measured from the Issuance
Date of a Certificate is issued until the Expiry Date of a Certificate.

(new) Issuance Date
The Issuance Date of the certificate must be no more than 24 hours from
(either before or after) the date when the CA signed the certificate.

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