The CA/Browser Forum's Bylaws at Section 2.3(c) allow the Forum Chair 
(currently me) to invite Interested Parties to participate in Working Group 

At the suggestion of Wayne Thayer and Tim Hollebeek, I hereby extend an 
invitation to Forum Interested Parties to participate in the regularly 
scheduled teleconference call on Thursday March 1, 2018 at 11:00 Eastern (60 
minute call).  The purpose of the call is to prepare for the all-day Validation 
Working Group meeting the following week on Tuesday, March 6.

If you are interested, please notify Wayne or Tim [wthayer-at-mozilla-dot-com 
or tim-dot-hollebeek-at-digicert -dot-com] and they will provide you with dial 
in instructions.

One other reminder: anyone who wants to become an Interested Party must first 
sign and return our IPR Agreement v2 (the form can be found on our website at at least one week before any teleconference 
or meeting can be attended - there is no day-of-meeting sign up.  The reason 
for this is, we have to verify and upload the agreement before any Interested 
Party can begin to contribute.

This means that all signed IPR Agreements from new Interested Parties must be 
received no later than Tuesday, Feb. 27 if you want to participate (in person 
or remotely) at the March 6 Validation Working Group meeting.

Thanks for your interest.

Kirk Hall, Chair
CA/Browser Forum

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