A few details for those attending the F2F next week, either for the working 
group day or for the members’ plenary:

1) When you arrive at the office, enter the doors and tell the desk you are 
there for CA/Browser Forum meeting.  They will request an ID, confirm you are 
on the list, and issue you a visitor badge.  You will then be escorted up to 
the meeting area; once you are in the meeting area, escort is not required.

2) For those driving, there is a parking garage behind the Amazon office.  To 
enter the garage, turn onto Alton Square, which is the street behind the 
office, then take a left to go to the visitor entrance of the garage.  The 
Amazon front desk will validate your parking.

3) Remote participation will be via Amazon Chime.  There is no charge to join 
(other than any long distance phone charges).  There are different access codes 
for different meetings; please email questions@ or see the management list 
email for the specific codes.  The code below is just for testing.

To test Chime, you can use three different options:

1. Click to join the meeting.  This will provide the option to download a 
client or use a web browser based client. You can use your computer’s 
microphone and speakers, however, a headset is recommended.


Meeting ID: 4747 41 4457

2. Use a mobile client.  Clients are available for Android and iOS.  They just 
need the meeting ID.

3. Call in using your phone:

United States (1): +1 206-462-5569
United States Toll-Free: +1 855-552-4463
Numbers for dozens of countries: https://chime.aws/dialinnumbers/

Meeting PIN: 4747 41 4457

3. To connect from an in-room video system, use one of the following Amazon 
Chime bridges:

SIP video system: meet.chime.in
H.323 system:

Meeting PIN: 4747414457#


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