- Pulp team meeting
- Set up Friday meeting with QE to talk through testing Pulp 3
- Discussed pulp-file publishing and dealing with dupe units with @jortel
- Updated PR to prevent duplicate content units based on some feedback from
@jortel [1]
- Reviewed pulp-file roadmap [2]
- Continued on multi-locking issue [3]
- Worked on Walmart 404 issue
- Discussed handling 2.15.2 release on IRC with @bmbouter and @pcreech
- Helped @kersom with some pulp 3 tests and test plans
- Found a bug with sphinx 1.7 [4]

- Triage
- Discussed how to simplify the pulp_file plugin with @jortel
- Reviewed @bmbouter’s trip report for the plugin coding workshop
- Helped track down kombu version for @dalley
- Prepare for demo
- Updated dupe content unit PR [1]
- 1x1 with @rchan
- Looked through walmart’s mongostat log and requested reporting on a
second instead of min basis

Also, I am AFK from 3:30-4:00pm. I have to go to the tire shop to pick up
my car.


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