tl;dr: which set of pulp-smash tests should run against pulpcore PRs?
pulpcore + pulp_file or just pulpcore?

Jeremy and I are working to enable a new check for PRs against Pulp's
3.0-dev branch. This is going to be a jenkins job that installs pulpcore
from the PR and then runs pulp-smash smoke tests against it.

The smoke tests include both pulpcore and pulp_file tests. When testing PRs
for pulp repository, should pulp_file also be installed thus allowing
pulp-smash all the tests? The other option is to not install pulp_file and
allow only the pulpcore tests to run.

If both pulpcore and pulp_file tests are required to pass to merge a PR,
then we can get into a situation where the plugin API is intentionally
changing and the tests can't pass until the change is introduced to
pulp_file also. In such situations we could require the pulpcore-plugin
package to have it's version bumped, which would mark the build as passing.

If only pulpcore tests are run we could get into a situation where the PR
breaks the plugin API and we don't learn this until after the code is

Which set of tests should run for pulpcore PRs?
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