Redmine's milestone feature allows for roadmap pages to be published for
each project on like this one [0]. Currently all projects use
a single set of milestones from the main 'Pulp' project on Redmine which is
what defines the Sprints, e.g. 'Sprint 22'. This creates a few problems:

1. Redmine projects can't use the milestone feature of Redmine for release
planning. This is unfortunate since the milestone feature is a good release
planning and roadmapping tool.

2. Any project that does use milestones can't have issues associated with
milestones also on a sprint. Like pulp_rpm pulp3 issues [0].

I'm interested in hearing any solution on resolving these issues, but I
also have one to share:

1. We could create a custom field called 'Sprint' and make that available
to all projects.
2. Populate the custom field with all existing Sprint values
3. We then port the existing historic sprint issues to the correct custom
field which preserves all past sprints.
4. Clear the milestone for all isues on
5. Delete the old, unused milestones
6. enjoy

At least one issue at the upcoming sprint planning meeting won't be able to
be added because of this so I'm hoping we can resolve in the next few days.


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