Pulp 2.15.3 Beta 1 is now available, and can be downloaded from the 2.15
testing repositories:


This release includes bugfixes for: Docker Support, Pulp, and RPM Support


The Pulp 2.15 testing repository is included in the pulp repo files:
    https://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/pulp/pulp/fedora-pulp.repo for
    https://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/pulp/pulp/rhel-pulp.repo for RHEL 7

After enabling the pulp-testing repository, you'll want to follow the
standard upgrade path
with migrations:

$ sudo systemctl stop httpd pulp_workers pulp_resource_manager
pulp_celerybeat pulp_streamer goferd
$ sudo yum upgrade
$ sudo -u apache pulp-manage-db
$ sudo systemctl start httpd pulp_workers pulp_resource_manager
pulp_celerybeat pulp_streamer goferd

The pulp_streamer and goferd services should be omitted if those services
are not installed.

Issues Addressed

Docker Support
    3286    Sync logic should not assume on schema1 by default existence
    3357    docker_distributor_web is racy, not atomic
    3258    Update with new recipe for v2s1 manifest upload

    3246    Update branching.rst to match pup-0003
    3347    Advise users to use `setsebool` to set pulp_manage_rsync
    3386    PEP8 Pulp's docs/conf.py

RPM Support
    3307    import_upload: improve data validation
    3339    Missing docs on how to import RPM package which has rich
dependencies in Requires
    3353    Missing docs on importing RPM repository module metadata
    3411    Document Implications that Pulp2 does not support metalink for
rpm syncing
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