--- Comment #9 from Fernando Herrera <> ---
The garbage you are seeing in raop_play from git master is causes by a wrong
initialization secuence. The current code does:

        raopcl_connectcontrol(raopcld, 6001);
        raopcl_connecttime(raopcld, 6002);

but raopcl_connectcontrol starts a thread (raopcl_sync) which tries to write to
the time server socket (raopcld->tfd) which is only initialized after
reaopcl_connecttime, so it ends up writing to 0 (standard output). That is why
you see those packets on the console.

Changing the order to:

        raopcl_connecttime(raopcld, 6002);
        raopcl_connectcontrol(raopcld, 6001);

should fix that problem. 

But even fixing this minor problem, it is not working :)

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