--- Comment #1 from Tanu Kaskinen <> ---
Can you give a pointer to an API that is used to inhibit display power-saving?

> Remaining questions to be tackled:
> a. Do we need to inform the user that the screen saver is blocked while
> sound is playing back?  If so, how?

This is a question for desktop environment designers. PulseAudio itself can't
really show any notifications.

> b. Do we provide a mechanism to turn the policy off / on?  If so, how?  (In
> paprefs? / As a module option?)

paprefs could maybe do it. paprefs uses gconf for storing its settings,
however, which has serious problems, which is why I don't really like adding
more stuff under the control of paprefs. If a GUI toggle is needed, I think it
would be better if the module provided an API through the native protocol.
paprefs could still be the program to implement the GUI (I think pavucontrol
would be fine too), but if the toggle was available in the native protocol,
using gconf for this could be avoided.

> c. Do we load this proposed policy module by default?  In many (if not most)
> use cases, it seems that this should in fact be the default.

Enabling by default seems sensible to me.

(To be clear, I'm not volunteering to implement this any time soon. I just
wanted to comment.)

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