--- Comment #8 from Tanu Kaskinen <> ---
Ok, the patch caused an infinite loop, since the function that was supposed to
translate the pthread_mutex_lock() error code to a string uses
pthread_mutex_lock() too...

Anyway, I think it's safe to assume that libpthread-stubs is the culprit here.
I don't know how exactly it gets pulled in. I think it's related to libxcb.
Maybe any program that uses libxcb will get linked to libpthread-stubs. You
could build pulseaudio without X11 support, and you won't lose much
functionality if you do that, but this won't solve the problems with all other

It's possible to use libxcb also without being installed,
but I don't have exact instructions for how to do that. I know that Debian used
to have a package that installed the libpthread-stubs library, but nowadays it
doesn't. The libpthread-stubs0-dev package still exists, but at least on Intel
architectures it doesn't contain anything else than a pkg-config file.

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