--- Comment #1 from Tanu Kaskinen <> ---
Does the microphone appear in the "Input Devices" tab of pavucontrol before the
microphone restart? By "restart", do you mean setting the card profile to "Off"
and then back to "Analog Input" (or whatever the profile is called)?

The verbose server log would be interesting. To get the log, put this to

log-target = newfile:/tmp/pulselog.txt
log-level = debug

After reboot there should be file /tmp/pulselog.txt, and quite possibly also
/tmp/pulselog.txt.1, /tmp/pulselog.txt.2 etc. If there are multiple files,
attach the file with the highest number. (Please use the "Add an attachment"
link. Sometimes people paste the log into the comment box, which makes it hard
to read the discussion.)

To return things back to normal, undo the changes in daemon.conf.

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