I need to use a LADSPA per channel to correct an issue with audio
output on an 2011 iMAC 27.  By default, audio is very overdriven and
sounds very poor.  The iMac has 4 speakers.  I think I figured out
what is going on - there is no hardware bandpass filtering, so bass
tones and mid tones sent to the high register speakers are overdriving
it and probably damaging it.  OSX must do upmixing and low + highpass
filtering in software.

I have a proof of concept Alsa config file

How would I either get a PulseAudio sink set up to point at my custom
ALSA PCM, or, how would I apply a LADSPA plugin, with different
parameters for each channel, to a PulseAudio sink?

Sorry, I am stuck, appreciate any help.  Thanks.
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