Hi Tanu,
thanks for your answer. You guessed well a lot of thinks. Below my comments:

It looks like you switch from HSP to the A2DP source profile. 

Actually I added the A2DP profile. When I start the log I realized the phone was connected only as HFP/HSP. Thus, on the smartphone I enabled the audio profile as well.

The A2DP
source profile doesn't have a sink associated with it, and no other
sinks exist either, so that's why the null sink gets loaded. It's
module-always-sink that ensures that there's always at least one sink
in the system.

I was expecting a sink for the default audio output, i.e. somethink like:

0    alsa_output.0.analog-stereo    module-alsa-card.c    s16le ch 2 44100 Hz    SUSPENDED

so if I understand correctly the problem is there is no such a sink in my system right now.

Pulseaudio shuts down, because there are no clients. The automatic
shutdown is normally prevented by module-systemd-login, which keeps
pulseaudio running as long as you're logged in, but apparently you
don't have any login sessions active (maybe you logged in via ssh - I'm
not sure, but ssh might not register a login session in systemd-

You're right, to easily make the tests I logged in via ssh.

You can put "exit-idle-time = -1" to /etc/pulse/daemon.conf to disable
the automatic shutdown.


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