I finally got pulseaudio working on my nslu2 running debian lenny. At
first impressions the performance is pretty impressive with regards to
the limited specs of the platform. (266mhz, 32mb ram, no FPU).

Installation was _pretty_ straightforward but im now facing some
pulseaudio specific issues on how to use an embedded platform as a
pulseaudio sink on a home lan.

How do I deal with cookies the best way? Im currently running a
system-wide pulse deamon started at boot. It seems the cookie
/var/run/pulse/.pulse-cookie is generated every time the machine boots
and it's pretty inconvenient to have to download the cookie to my clients.
What's the best solution to this? Is there a way to set a static cookie
or disable cookies (perhaps not the best solution in terms of security).

Im setting up a howto at http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/PulseAudio

Please feel free to contribute with any suggestions!


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