'Twas brillig, and Jud Craft at 27/05/09 04:06 did gyre and gimble:
Actually, wait.  There is one last thing that might clue me in.

Let's say I have, relative to each other, Firefox/youTube set to 100%
and Banshee set to 80%.

Now, imagine I'm listening to Banshee and my volume is 100%.  Does
flat volume mean that if I start to play a Firefox video...that
Firefox will be at 100% and that Pulse will intelligently drop Banshee
to 80%?

In essence...applying my per-app ratios automatically on the fly,
whenever something comes up?  I'll be honest, I didn't really think of
it like -that-.  That sounds awesome enough that I might need to give
it another chance.


The way I understand it, and apologies if I'm wrong here, is that Banshess want's 80% and it's the only app playing. In order to achieve that result, pulse does not scale the stream at all but sets the underlying hardware volume to 80% (but in dB's yada yada!). So the net result is I get sound at the right volume.

Then another stream joins that wants 100% So, pulse with start scaling the Banshee stream to ensure it is scaled in software to 80%, and turn up the underlying hardware volume to 100%. Net result is that Banshee continues playing at the same level and sounds the same but the new stream can be louder.

Essentially, whenever possible pulse is off-loading the scaling to the h/w, meaning less work in software = less load, and better quality audio due to the use of the full range of the DAC.

Hope that's right!



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