I'm wondering the status of PA on OSX. The latest SSE commits cause the
compile to fail, but checking out a revision before those compiles fine.
Unfortunately, it segfaults when running. What's the timeline for OSX
support in PA?

Essentially, I'm trying to play sound from my linux box on the speakers of
my Macbook with proper latency. PA supports this well on Linux, sort of
supports it on Windows, but what's going on with OSX support?

Would you recommend I use rtp-send? Is there a reliable way to play these
streams on OSX? Is there a way to reduce the multicast's packet storms
(which crash my router)? Or what about using PA's raop sink and making OSX
emulate airtunes? Unfortunately, PA doesn't seem to support Airfoil. Links
and whatnot are in this blog entry: http://blog.jasondonenfeld.com/188 .

Anyone have suggestions? How can I play audio from linux out of speakers on
OSX via PulseAudio?

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