I've been sitting on a bunch of fixes, mostly for my own D-Bus code. Now
I've pushed (most of) them to Gitorious:


(Note that it's not the same repo that I've been using before! I'm
trying to keep my free time coding and paid work separate...)

The patches can be found in the "fixes" branch.

Most of the patches should be non-controversial, but pay attention at
least to the "stream-restore: When changing restore entries with D-Bus,
apply the changes immediately" patch, because it changes Pulseaudio's
public D-Bus API. The change should be fine, since the API is still in
the draft phase (the documentation has been already updated, see [1]). I
don't remember why I originally decided not to apply the property
updates immediately.

Sorry for the delay with publishing these fixes, I'll try to do better
in the future.


Tanu Kaskinen

Digia Plc

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