'Twas brillig, and Jeremy Nickurak at 19/05/10 16:13 did gyre and gimble:
Here's a case of an upstream dev absolutely not supporting pulseaudio in
any way shape or form. Their code specifically disables pulseaudio any
time they see it. The devs think there's no reason for pulseaudio to
exist, and that it causes unresolvable problems for their goals
(specifically regarding sync).

Is pulseaudio capable of meeting this application's needs? Is there
something on a social/documentation level that's lacking? Are the devs
just being unreasonable?

Daniel doesn't deal that much with the audio code so I'm surprised he's commenting on that bug. There is a new branch of mythtv that will be merged back in to trunk soon with better PulseAudio support.

I'm actually surprised that jyavenard reassinged it to Daniel TBH... :s

FWIW, although I love the MythTV project, it's has a very hard lined developer community that really doesn't catter to the user community directly - it's the developers that matter and if that fits in with the users then cool, but if it doesn't then the user who wants that feature/improvement/bugfix then they had better get their hands dirty and code a patch!

That's maybe not everyone's cup of tea but it works for them and that's fine.

The only thing that I see is clear here is that the users of distros
that go to pulseaudio are left out in the cold.

In Mandriva I specifically revert the automatic suspending of PulseAudio in our MythTV packages. It has always worked fine for me via the alsa plugin and now the 0.23 version of MythTV support proper pulseaudio output on it's own (although I actually find the alsa output to suffer from less sync issues ironically, but YMMV).



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